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Digital Music Delivery Internet Technology Cuts Costs, taps new markets for Record Companies, Production Companies and Music Publishers

"Liquid Audio has successfully removed the barriers to viable online music commerce," said Gerry Kearby, founder and CEO of Liquid Audio. "Our relationship with Microsoft will help bridge the final gap to the future of music distribution by taking a proactive role in helping establish and further industry standards."

Liquid Audio is empowering all segments of the music industry as well as music consumers with its digital music delivery technology products including the Liquifier Pro 2.0, Liquid MusicServer 2.0 and Liquid MusicPlayer 2.0. Liquid Audio has the exclusive rights to an enhanced version of Dolby Laboratory's Dolby Digital compression technology, guaranteeing the highest quality sound. Liquid Audio also utilizes sophisticated encryption technology and digital watermarking to protect intellectual property rights.

A number of record labels have already established web sites that are basically a mail order catalog and may or may not offer a short music clip sample via Real Audio, however their is no streaming capabilities and the sound is not of the highest quality. Those companies on the cutting edge have taken their web store a step further with Liquid Audio, selling high fidelity directly to the buyer for storage on a hard drive or to a recordable compact disc. The recent drop in price to the consumer of the home component CDR has made this more viable and offers fans an opportunity to create their on compilations of their favorite songs. Rounder, The Knitting Factory, Oaktown, Agean and Capitol Records are among those utilizing the Liquid Audio format allowing them to promote, sell and distribute in-store quality music to an unlimited number of music fans worldwide.

The Liquid Audio MusicPlayer is available immediately, free-of-charge, from the Liquid Audio Web site at www.liquidaudio.com

The Liquifier Pro 2.0, Liquid MusicServer 2.0 and Liquid MusicPlayer 2.0 are also available immediately. Contact a Liquid Audio sales representative at 415-562-0880 or sales@liquidaudio.com for additional information.

Visit the Liquid Audio Stand @ Midem98 on the four floor of the Palais at Stand #H4.19. A press event @ the stand from 6-7:30pm Sunday evening will offer demonstrations and refreshments.

  1. MC Hammer's Music Reaches Millions Via Internet

"Family Affair," newly released by Hammer's Oaktown record label is available to fans exclusively in Liquid Audio format via the Internet Hammer fans can now visit Megatainment(www.mchammer.com) to preview and download free samples using the Liquid MusicPlayer, available for free download from the Liquid Audio Web site at www.liquidaudio.com.



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